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This booklet catalogues the detailed chronicles of 250 women who disappeared between 2016 and 2021. It delves into their physical attributes such as height, complexion, body type, and the attire they were last seen wearing. However, beyond the cold statistics, the emphasis remains on the human essence — urging readers to perceive these individuals not as mere numbers but as unique faces with stories to tell.


By underlining the importance of recognizing the victims as individuals, the booklet serves as a poignant reminder. It sparks contemplation on the profound questions surrounding identity and what lingers in our absence. The narrative prompts reflection on the essence of self and the enduring impact when someone goes missing. Aspects of physical attributes take centre stage, highlighting the significance these details assume in defining our identity.


This exploration of identity is visually heightened by the deliberate incorporation of a halftone effect. The proximity of elements intensifies the abstract nature of the work, providing a dynamic experience where distance offers a broader perspective. This representation balances the captivating interplay of visual elements and also acts as a metaphor for gaining insight through distance and detachment, creating a powerful connection between the details of the missing and the broader contemplation of identity.

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