The First Day.

First days are known for being the worst. Especially those of your first internship. 


Mine was different.


I was relieved. 


Relieved that the wait had finally ended. All the logistics and paperwork had been worked out. I was back in my home city, Mumbai. 


Today was going to be my first day at LOCAL. A design house run by Roshnee Desai, a former student of LCC as well. We were meeting outside the office, at a professional photographers studio in Lower Parel.  We were shooting Estee Lauder’s Campaign for Diwali. 


I was introduced to everyone on the team and the clients arrive a bit after us.


Today, I was only observing how a professional product shoot unfolds. We had the shot layouts in front of us, and there were around eight people assisting the photographer with the lighting. 


I was astounded at the amount of equipment and lighting it required to make a bunch of cosmetics look larger than life. The whole shoot involved around 20 people. It took us about three to four hours to finalize one shot.


We had five more to go. 


Thankfully, there was a lot of great food and coffee. It was the hospitable studio I’ve ever been to. 


My job was to document the entire process for LOCAL, so we could later post it on our social media. It kept me occupied. 


It was five pm and we had managed only two shots till now. There was not much for me to do, but hang around and acquaint myself with the team.


My utterly nice boss allowed me to leave early.


I later realized that the shoot wasn’t it, we would have rounds and rounds of post-production, and constantly coordinate with the client and the photographer both. 


It was a long and tedious process. 


The Campaign just launched a week ago, and I was lucky enough to have designed the posters which are now up in the entire country. It was extraordinary to see something I’ve made being viewed on such a large scale.


It was amazing to witness the entire process from beginning to end, and I really couldn’t have asked for a better first day!