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PMNCH Illustration mockup.png

PMNCH for Women, Children and Adolescents

Elegant advocacy  — PMNCH, persuasive changemakers who actively advocate for women, children, and adolescents.

The warmth of colorful partnerships, a coalition of cultures, and an amalgamation of perspectives brings PMNCH’s vision to empower people across the world. With over 1000 partners from 192 countries, PMNCH collectively works on its mission to mobilize, align and amplify the voices of partners to advocate for women’s, children’s, and adolescent health and well-being, particularly the most vulnerable.

Project Team: 

Motion Graphics: James Thottan, Nishtha Sharma

Illustrations: Era Namjoshi
Graphic Design: Saumya Mittal, Mohan Godwal, Anthony Lopez

Technical Assistance: Ajay Sharma 
Brand Strategy: Sujatha Shankar Kumar, Sukanya Panda, Nishita Karun
Project Management: Tarka Patil
Creative Direction: Anthony Lopez