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Monk’s Brew Club (MBC) is a modern coffee house and social club in Singapore. Inspired by the historical coffee houses of Europe and Southeast Asia, MBC blends the historical traditions of brewing and coffeehouses with the spirit of community and intellectual exchange to create a unique and welcoming space where people come together over hearty eats, specialty brews and ideas.

MBC’s logo, visual language, colour palette, and illustration style are meticulously designed to reflect the brand’s core values of innovation, conversations, and community. MBC strategically positioned itself as quirky, fun, and approachable. The design incorporates a playful hand-drawn style of illustrations that enhances the brand’s relatability and inclusivity.


The logo encapsulates the brand’s contemporary vitality; drawing on the hand-drawn style of icons to symbolise the blend of invention and innovation when communities come together. A monotype was chosen for the visual language, paired with a uniform stroke weight in the illustrations. This deliberate choice ensures a visually consistent look across all brand assets, reinforcing brand recognition and cohesiveness.

The colour palette strikes a balance between seriousness and playfulness. Green symbolises freshness and intellectual thought, while the bright, attention-grabbing pink reflects the brand’s playful nature. Green is always accompanied by white, and pink is consistently paired with black to maintain visual harmony in all communication assets.

The logo, visual language, colour palette, and custom illustrations collectively reflect the brand’s core values while positioning it as a welcoming and inclusive space for diverse communities to converge, converse, and create. This thoughtful design approach has not only made Monk’s Brew Club visually distinct but also deeply resonant with its target audience.

Project Team:

Creative Lead: Saumya Mittal

Logo Design: Suprit Parulkar

Project management and content writing: Drishti Sharma 

Illustration: Kunal Basak

Junior Graphic Designer: Soma Sundaram

Interior Design: Manuhita Gupta 

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