General Mills Brochure

I was excited. My new boss now trusted my skill set enough to let me be in charge of a new client. The client being none other than General Mills. An American Multinational company which owns brands like Pillsbury, Haagen Dazs, Nature Valley, and Cheerios to name a few. The brief was to design a brochure for General Mills India, to help them recruit college graduates. The company wanted to appeal to a younger audience and promote it's ready to eat brands. 


We approached the brief in a fun and experimental way. We used blocks of bright color, highlighting one product per page. The brochure had to depict the shift of General Mills from creating household products like Betty Crocker to young and healthy products like the Nature Valley nutrition bar. The brochure was also required to have infographics depicting GM presence abroad.


Since we had to depict only one image per spread, the biggest challenge was picking which images to use. We were given access to the GM image bank, which had thousands of pictures per product and region. Given their global presence, I had a lot to choose from!


It took us one week to crack the entire brochure and we were more than excited to present it to the client. However, GM being a big corporate had a long hierarchical structure of approvals. The project was dropped midway due to some disagreements.

Mockups presented to the client.