Hand Modelling For Hardie Grant

One of the highlights of my internship was the hand modeling I did for one of the shoots I assisted for. The model had canceled last minute and well, they needed someone to hold the bags while we shoot them. I was super excited until the modeling bit actually started. I had to stay still for long periods of time until we got the right shot. 

This was my first shoot for a book. I learned how the shots are planned, clicked and perfected with post-production. I realized shooting for a book is so different from shooting for a commercial campaign like Estee Lauder. The shoots go on for four or five days at least and are slower as compared to a festival campaign. The amount of people involved in the shoot is also quite less. 

All was okay until we had to take a few shots outdoors. I was wearing a cotton dress in January and had no jacket on. To make matters worse, it started raining. The cold was making me shiver and my ability to stand still was completely diminished. This only meant that the shot took longer. 

Caught in a hopeless vicious circle, we finally gave up and decided to revisit the shot the next day.

A few snippets from the shoot.