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Our team designed the Command and Control Centre for the Varanasi Smart City Project. Launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 25, 2015, the Smart Cities Mission in India aims to improve the quality of life and drive economic growth for people living in Indian cities.

The Varanasi Smart City Project aims to preserve this ancient destination while introducing new initiatives to enhance transportation and accessibility, improve social services, and implement sustainable measures that will raise the standard of living for all residents and tourists alike.

To effectively communicate the project's core offerings, including facial recognition, crowd counting, and smart schools, we designed the space with a focus on showcasing its impact on the citizens of Varanasi.


Project Team: 
IIllustration: Era Namjoshi

Spatial Design: Manuhita Gupta

Brand Strategy and content: Ridhima Chatterjee

Graphic design and creative direction: Saumya Mittal

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