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Stories of Moving Lineage is a collection of eleven stories of refugees who came to the UK about twenty years ago.

The publication covers refugees from Iran, Somalia, Kosovo and Albania. The aim of this publication is to highlight the emotional journeys a refugee has to take rather than the geographical one. While there is enough quantitative data available on refugees, their population and their migration, there is almost none available on how they feel and the issues they face even after finding a new home.

The contents of this publication are supplied to me by Salusbury World, a charity which works with rehabilitating refugee families once they reach the UK. The stories are testimonies of refugees who came to Salusbury world either as children or parents of children new to the UK. Twenty years on, they talk about the circumstances which led them to leave their home countries, the hard journeys they had to undertake in order to reach the UK, and the difficulties of starting a new life with enormous language and cultural barriers.

The front of every accordian states excerpts from conversations with the refugees and the back is a list of emotions they felt while going through the circumstances they are talking about. The goal was to create a visual timeline of their emotions to make the reader understand the immense hardships one has to go through as a refugee.