2020: Stories of moving lineage 

Softwares used: Adobe aftereffects and illustrator


Students and academics at the London College of Communication have collaborated with Salusbury World – a visionary London refugee charity which has supported refugee children and their families for the past 20 years. 


We have co-produced an installation in response to our collation of an oral history archive, which records 20 stories of the first children and parents to come through Salusbury World Refugee Centre, to mark the charity's 20th anniversary.


The stories focus on memories of homeland and agile adaptations to exile, exploring resilience, polyglotism and celebrating transnational culture in the UK. The installation interprets the narratives through objects, film, illustration, typography, digital art, animation, motion design and graphic, information & interaction design - demanding a visceral audience response. The exhibition prototyped at Tate Modern Exchange in May and at the Victoria & Albert Museum in June 2019 and will continue to tour for the rest of the year and through 2020.


This installation is co-curated by Nina Emett of FotoDocument and Edoardo Buttinelli from Design for Art Direction at LCC and is co-produced by LCC Design Academics Sarah Temple and Joel Karamath.


The Animations